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DaVinci Dogs!

Yesterday we had a doggy painting event at Happy Dog and it was SO FUN! Sherry and I prepared a 5×7 canvas dolloped with red, white and blue paint (unless other colors were requested) and slipped the canvas into a ziplock bag. Then, we smeared a thin layer of peanut butter on thr outside of the ziplock bag and let each pup make a masterpiece! By licking the peanut butter on the outside of the bag, the dogs would spread the paint around inside on the canvas!

Let’s just say it was a huge hit with all of the pup parents who got to take home a beautiful, unique piece of art created by their fur kid. And the dogs enjoyed the peanut butter treat! 😆😍

Be sure to check the Happy Dog website regularly, as well as the blog for the latest activities and events going on at the best doggy daycare around, Happy Dog!

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