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Our New Enrichment Expert, Sherry Pavlich

Happy Dog recently hired Sherry Pavlich as our new enrichment expert! Sherry has been training dogs for nearly two decades and has been winning competitions ever since! “I got started training dogs 17 years ago with a yellow Lab named Tater Tot.” Sherry states. “My brother was being treated for cancer at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento and his Oncologist saw me waiting under the hospital portico and saw people petting Tater.” Sherry then got Tater certified as a therapy dog and she began making regular visits to the hospital’s chemotherapy center as well as the Children’s Pediatric Cancer Unit. “Tater just seemed to work miracles, cheering everyone up.”

This was just the beginning for Sherry’s dog training career. Her second dog, Happy Camper, was an Aussie she got in Michigan. Sherry and Happy Camper trained with two local trainers and attended 18 different dog training camps and seminars. Sherry says, “We competed all over the West Coast and won many agility titles. We were also active in both the Lost Coast Kennel Club and Humdog, where I began training puppies for their classes.”

Since then, Sherry got a Red Merle Aussie in Virginia who she named Party, competing in Oregon and California in agility. She later branched out to compete in Rally, Barn Hunt, and FastCAT, earning many titles including National records in Barn Hunt.

Sherry’s latest project is a pup that she flew to Indianapolis to pick up last summer. “Her name is Stormy and she’s a little firecracker! We just completed training with Nancy Gyes, the USA World Team Agility Coach.”

Sherry loves working with and training dogs, and she has quickly became very popular with the Happy Dog dogs as well as the rest of the staff. I love working with Sherry and being a part of all the fun enrichment activities she has been doing at Happy Dog!

Be sure to visit for the latest information on our Enrichment Program as well as many other awesome things Happy Dog has planned for your pups!

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